The Most Common Repairs You Could Need From Storm Damage on Your Commercial or Industrial Roofing System in mansfield, Ohio

Industrial and commercial roofing can take a beating in Ohio’s rough winter, spring, summer, and fall weather. Rain, hail, snow, ice and wind can cause extensive damage to roofing materials and require immediate repairs to prevent further damage to building interiors. Roofing contractors commonly see a number of similar repairs:

Hail Damage

In some areas of the country, hailstorms can occur regularly and can be a variety of sizes. Larger hailstones can cause denting to metal roofs and damage to asphalt or other materials. In a powerful storm, the hair can tear small areas of the material, which can then lead to weakened areas that allow rainwater to penetrate into lower layers. This can eventually lead to leaking into the interior of the building.

Snow Damage

Ohio regularly experience heavy snowfalls, sometimes accumulating to as much as several feet. When the snow is wet or experiences fast thawing, it can cause areas of commercial or industrial roofing to collapse under the weight. These weakened areas require fast repairs to prevent a chain of problems that would normally occur when roofing materials experience saturation.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a problem that can occur during Ohio winters. These “dams” occur when snow melts and then quickly freezes again, forming a ridge at the edge of the roof system. The ice can lift materials, which then allows water to find its way into the interior of the building. Ice dams can cause damage to roof materials and underlying structures. An experienced roofing contractor can remove the ice dams and ensure that roofing materials are properly positioned to protect the building.

Wind Damage

Sudden violent winds can occur in Ohio and other parts of the Midwest. These winds can pull loose areas of roofing materials away from underlying structures and leave your building exposed to rain or snow damage. Regular inspections of your commercial or industrial roofing will ensure that any wind damage is quickly repaired to avoid further problems.

Equipment Damage to Roofing

Rough weather can also cause equipment installed on the roofs of industrial or commercial buildings to deteriorate and can lead to damage to roof surfaces. A regular inspection of your roofing materials can determine problems caused by this equipment. An experienced contractor can make the necessary repairs and provide advice about the proper installation of this equipment to minimize roof damage.