Flat roofing Repair and Replacement Specialists serving Mansfield, Ohio

Throughout Ohio, many commercial properties have a flat roof installed. These are typically installed using quality techniques and materials to provide the property owner with many years of reliable use, but all roofing types can develop repair issues over the years. Some of the more common types of damage that are associated with flat roofs relate to leaking, cracking or general decay and deterioration. This can impact the look of the property as well as its condition, and you may be looking for flat roofing repair and replacement specialists serving Mansfield, Ohio to help you improve the condition of your roof.

Our flat roofing repair specialists at Cosam Contracting can address a number of issues, and we have the training and experience necessary to remedy issues related to:

General wear and tear
General cracks or alligator cracks
Blistering on the roof’s surface
Smaller or larger leaks
Ponding above the roof’s surface or pooling under the flat roof membrane
Storm damage
Weathering and deterioration

Completing the repair work quickly is often most cost-effective for property owners. This can prevent a small issue from becoming a larger and more costly issue to repair. It can also minimize the likelihood of property damage from developing due to a roof repair issue. Professional flat roof repair specialists offer several different repair solutions that may be used to repair your damaged roof. Some of the products that may be applied to remedy your roof damage include:

Metal roofing
Built-up or BUR roofing
Thermoplastic or TPO roofing
EPDM rubber roofing
Modified bitumen roofing

These are all designed to provide a smooth, seamless and strong surface layer over the roof. Another material that is cost-effective and very high in quality is the Duro-Last roofing system. This is a product that covers more than two billion square feet of roofs in the United States alone, and the company has an astounding 37 years of history. There are several benefits associated with the use of Duro-Last products, and these include:

Energy Star-certified
No need to tear off the existing roof
Incredible energy efficiency reduces HVAC-related costs by up to 30 percent
Certified to resist hailstorm damage
Optional 18-year warranty available

At the first sign of a potential repair issue with a commercial roof, the property owner should contact a flat roof specialist to request an inspection and to learn more about the repair process that may be most ideal for the situation. Even a seemingly minor repair issue should receive prompt attention from a flat roof repair specialist.