The Dire Consequences of an Un-repaired Leak

At the first sign of a leaking roof, commercial property owners and managers are well advised to contact a professional roofing company for a repair. Unrepaired leaks never get better on their own; they will only get worse and can do untold damage to the building itself and whatever it houses. Here are a few of the problems that may arise:

Whatever is inside the building will get wet. The damage that results will depend on the types of materials stored inside the building. Textiles and paper products will quickly be ruined. Products and fixtures made of wood may hold up a little longer, but eventually will become moldy and will rot in a damp environment.

Metal fixtures, tools and products will rust. While not as serious a problem as mold and mildew in wood and natural fibers, rust will, over time, corrode and eat away at any metal that contains iron. If the building is located in an area near the ocean or a large salt-water lake, the leaking water may contain salt, which accelerates and exacerbates the process of rust formation.

The structural integrity of the building itself will be compromised. A leak means a hole or an opening of some kind. If water can get it, then various small animals and insects can also get in. While working their way in and out, they will make the holes or openings larger, allowing more and larger uninvited guests inside.

If the building is located in a cold climate, freezing adds to the problems. Flat surfaces and pockets near the leak openings will allow water to build up. This trapped water will freeze, making the cracks and holes larger, warping the wood, and causing even more structural damage.

Pools of stagnant water inside a building create safety hazards through possible slips and falls. Puddles of water promote algae growth and attract disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes.

Perhaps the most serious potential consequence of a leaky roof is the possibility of an electrical fire as water drips onto wires and runs into outlets. If the fire is not discovered and extinguished quickly, the entire building could be destroyed.

Water is a necessary, life-giving element but, under the wrong circumstances, may be a dangerous and destructive force. To protect workers, tools, products, and buildings, leaking roofs must be fixed just as soon as the leak is discovered.


As you can see, if you have even a small leak in your roof, give Cosam Contracting a call today and get a free estimate to put a stop to any more damage.