Top Signs for Needing a New Flat Roof Installed in Ohio and Kentucky

Even if customers obtain the best quality roofs for their business, they will not last forever. Weather elements take their toll, causing roofs to wear down or become damaged. Flat roofs are no different than conventional roofs. Cosam Contracting can help you determine if you need a new flat roof. Here are some of the top signs of needing a new flat roof installed if they want to avoid the risks associated with a worn or damaged roof.

Visible Damage

After a huge storm or long term exposure to the elements, visible damage becomes apparent. Visible damage may come in the form of tears or holes. If visible damage is present, it is critical that the roof is replaced right away because leaks will occur, causing further damage to be done to the property and precious valuables.

Roof Will Bubble and Blister

BUR flat roofs can start to blister and bubble overtime. Blisters and bubbles may start to appear small at first, and then they expand. When blisters and bubbles form, they eventually lead to tears in the roofing. Moisture and condensation find their way inside homes and buildings, leading to eventual mold contamination. Replacing the roof before mold contamination develops is more beneficial because commercial building owners will save significant amounts of money and keep illness at bay.