Benefits Of Periodic Roof Inspections For Commercial Flat Roofs

There are many benefits to having periodic inspections of a commercial flat roof. It can lengthen the life of a roof assembly and more. An inspection will let a building owner know if there are any deficient conditions present on the roof that require repairs. When building owners have necessary repairs made and follow a regular roof inspection program, they are able to get the most roof service life possible. This will result in a reduction of roof costs.

Qualified Roof Inspector
A qualified roof inspector needs to walk the entire area of the roof. During this time, they will be busy identifying and taking pictures of any and all deficiencies they notice. The roof inspector will also be creating important documentation concerning what is discovered during a roof inspection. It’s the knowledge and experience of a roofing inspector that enables them to discover any obvious roof deficiencies as well as any that are not obvious. It’s the ones that are not obvious that could eventually cause serious roof problems and lead to a premature failure.

Inspection Items
A roof inspector will be checking for things such as penetrations and seals. Penetrations are places where items such as pipe have penetrated the roof. The seals are places where two waterproof materials may overlap one another and come together. They will be inspected to see if they are smooth and properly adhered. If moisture is trapped and creating an uneven surface, it is called a blister. If a roof membrane has moved from its original location, the reason may be the slope is too steep or the adhesion is inadequate. Shrinkage occurs when the roof membrane seams are pulling against some type of penetration such as a plumbing vent. These items and more can be identified during a roof inspection.

A building owner can learn a lot from a report generated by a roof inspector. This report will be designed to show all of the information that was gathered during the roof inspection. It will also provide recommendations for corrective actions. These corrective actions will address the deficiencies mentioned in the report. It will list essential maintenance procedures that will decrease additional roof system deterioration. This report will also contain the estimated cost to perform all of the recommended repairs. Also contained in the report will be a roof plan. This plan will detail for a building owner where and how often the deficiencies occur on their roof. It is possible to contact local roofing contractors and coordinate any roofing repairs that may be necessary.

Cosam Contracting has been conducting these inspections for our valued customers for over 30 years. We are here to help you understand any potential issues that might arise with your roofing system and help you take a proactive approach to help you avoid a more costly repair.