Cosam Contracting is a Duro Last Elite Contractor

The title of Duro Last Elite Contractor is not easily earned. Commercial roofing companies would need to meet a number of requirements in order to receive this award. Cosam Contracting has earned this title are one of the best in the industry. We have earned this title and we pride ourselves of upholding this status with each and every job we do. Below are some of the reasons why and how we have upheld this status of excellence.

Certifications and Superior Training

Duro Last Elite Contractors have exceptional certifications and superior training. The title is handed out only to commercial roofing companies who have solid certifications that show they have the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle Duro Last products. Our contractors also have access to superior training in the use, installation and maintenance of Duro Last products. This superior training means our contractors will be able to perform complex installations and repairs without any problems. This training is one of the reasons why Duro Last Elite Contractors have such a trusted reputation both inside and outside of the industry.

Exceptional Quality Work

An important quality of Duro Last Elite Contractors is that they perform exceptional work. The title is not given to commercial roofing contractors based on just training and certifications. Our contractors needs to show that the actual roofing work performed is above and beyond what other contractors are capable of doing. The work we perform is examined closely and assessed for quality. If the work does not meet certain standards, then the title is not awarded. This means each client can always expect exceptional quality work from Cosam Contracting, a Duro Last Elite Contractor.

Consistency and Reliability

Duro Last Elite Contractors are not awarded the title after just one exceptional roofing job. We are required to show a pattern of quality work. We must also be consistent about the quality. Contractors who only occasionally meet the standards will not receive the title. This is why the title is so coveted and trusted. Being awarded the title shows we always pay attention to details, use quality materials and employ the latest techniques and best practices. Business owners who use Cosam Contracting, a Duro Last Elite Contractor can be certain the work done will be high quality every time.


A final quality of Duro Last Elite Contractors is professionalism. This means our contractors are providing excellent service to clients. If you hire our team at Cosam Contracting, you can be confident that we will exemplify professionalism because we are a Duro Last Elite Contractor.