Cosam Contracting is the best contractor for any roof work in the region. The employees of Cosam have performed new work, warranty work, and repair work for us for many years. They are a good source of the University for Information regarding project costing, new materials and installations, and general roofing advice. We have worked with employees from Cosam for a very long time. We have developed a great working relationship and are familiar with each other. They perform Good quality work, are knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient.

~John T.
Shawnee State University

We installed new equipment and cut several holes in our new roof. Cosam came and sealed around the pipes and duct work. They done quality work and they came the same day we needed them. When we called them they answer all phone calls and are prompt about showing up. They make it convenient to use their services and do quality work. Originally we found them when we called Duro-Last and asked for who they recommend in the area and Cosam was who they sent us to.

~Eddie H.
Water One

Cosam was recommended to me for roofing work. I got a quick response on some repairs I was needing and the quality of work was excellent. I am very satisfied with your response time and your work.

~Harold B.